Author Topic: How dose the Bad Signups and Challenging a Denied Signup process Work?  (Read 3133 times)

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F.Y.I. The Below Rules only Apply to Offers under the Category "-----EXCLUSIVE OFFERS-----" These offers are All Manually Reviewed by the advertiser that paid for them. If the offer is not Reviewed and Approved, Deleted or Denied within 7-10 days they are Manually Approved by us regardless of the offer being completed as required or not.

--BAD SIGNUPS (Offer Fraud)

Each user is Allowed 9 Bad signups over the life of there account.
If you get more than 9 (i.e. 10) Your account will be suspended tell you open a ticket.
At this point you will be given the option to Re-Enable your account for a charge of $1.00 Plus $0.05 Per Bad Signup over 10 (i.e. If you have 15 when your account is disabled that would be 10 = $1.00,  15 - 10 = 5 * $0.05 = $0.25 + $1.00 = $1.25. This amount would be taken out of your account balance.
Your account will be Re-enabled.
All bad Signups will be removed and you will start over with 0 bad signups.

Currently we only allow you to do this one time, then your account would be Deleted permanently.

F.Y.I. Keep in mind its always best to NOT submit an offer tell you have completed the requirements fully but If you submit an offer and you find you are not able to finish the requirements you can always ask that your offer submit be removed to avoid bad signups. Just Open a Ticket before the offer has been denied asking for it to be removed and explain why you are asking for it to be removed. Make sure you tell use the name of the offer in the ticket that you want removed from the Pending Approval List.


Did you Complete a Signup Fully as Required by the advertiser but the advertiser Denied your Signup??

If this happens to you  Open a Ticket and let us know you would like to Challenge the Denied Signup.
List the Name of the Offer that was Denied.
Provide the Username you Signup with and any other Relevant info, like Screenshots, Confirmation emails and so on that will prove you completed the offer as required.
If we can Prove that you did do the offer as required we will change the offer from denied to Approved and you will get credit.

If we can not Prove that you completed the offer as required your account balance will be charged $0.25
We hate to have to charge you for failed Challenges but we must do this to avoid users going challenge crazy on us.

Challenges can take up to 7-10 days to be resolved one way or the other, but if you have adequate Proof most of them can be resolved within 24-48 hours.

F.Y.I. When taking screenshots as proof you must take Full screen, screenshots, we won't accept Cropped images and such. Keep in mind we make ask for more info or proof if we need it.
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