Would You like to see More Sub-Category's Under "EXCLUSIVE OFFERS" Category? Like DOI, DOI +1 Action, Purchase, Facebook Est...

Yes I would Like the Advertisers to have the Ability to sort there offers so its easier to find the Type of offer i'm looking for.
No I think the way its setup now is Better, all in one long list, I like to search through all of the offers to find the type of offer I Like.
I Don't know or don't care one way or the other / Neutral Vote

Author Topic: Poll: Would You like to see More Sub-Category's Under "EXCLUSIVE OFFERS" Cat?  (Read 1779 times)

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Since we are getting more and more of the "EXCLUSIVE OFFERS" Offers added to our site I think it would be best to Add some category's so users can find the type of offers they like easier and then in turn will be able to do more offers faster.

This Vote is to get a since of what you all think, If I decide to go ahead with this I will open things up to talk about what category's should be added that would help users find the offers they like most. We will probably start small, say 5 or 6 sub-category's cat most for now and see how it goes.

David M.