Author Topic: Locked Funds & Requesting a Review for Early Release  (Read 1789 times)

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Locked Funds & Requesting a Review for Early Release
« on: August 09, 2012, 10:09:56 PM »
Why are Some offers Locked?

Offers that are Valued at $2.00 or 200 Points or Higher are Locked for 35 Days due to the Fact that many users like to Join lots of sites and do the Trials and High Value offers on every site then leave. The Networks say this is Offer Fraud and so many times they will Revers the Credit Once they see its the same user. Also Some times users don't keep the Trials for long enough and that can cause the offer to revers as well.
There is Many other Factors that can Cause Reversals but them 2 are the Top 2.

Since we give out around 90% of our earnings back to the users it is just not feasible for us to take the Risk as we can't afford really any loss at all to stay in Profit.

So is there a possibility to Get the Funds Released Early?

Yes there is. If your an active member of our site there is a very good chance you can get the Funds Released Up-to 10 days Early.

So How would I go about Requesting a the Funds be Released?

You may Open a Ticket to Request a Review to get the Funds Released.
First Ensure your funds will be Released within the Next 10 days or Less.
Then Open a Ticket using the Department "Release Locked Funds Review"
List the Offer name and the Date that they will be Released.
Ask that it be Reviewed for Release.

There are Many Factors that we Look at to decide If we should approve the Release or not.
Here are a Few.

Are You an active Member? Have you been doing offers and being active on the Site or do you just do the High Value offers and that's all.
What Membership Upgrade do you have? Bronze and Higher Ensures that you have Most likely been paid a few times already and are Interested in staying a member of the site not just doing High value offers and leaving.
Have you Had other High Value offers Revers in the Past? Have you had any Reversals in the Past? How Many Have you Had?

Please keep in mind we may refuse to release the Funds early, there is no guarantee that we will release the funds Early. If we do deny the request you can always apply again a few days before the release and you will have a much Higher chance of getting it approved. But again there is No guarantee with this either.

I Hope This Info Helps,
David M.