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New Referral Bonus and Membership Info.
« on: August 03, 2012, 04:15:04 AM »
Copper Star [R] Is the First Level of membership that gives you a Signup Bonus when a user Signs up and Confirms there account. (DOI) other wise known as (Double Opt-in) *The amounts that you get for this vary depending on the membership Level and Type, for more info on the amounts you get see Either of the links below, its listed on all the memberships.

But all accounts Regardless of Upgrade get a $0.10 Bonus when the user dose there first offer worth a Min of $0.10 or 10p

As far as upgrades you can Earn the membership for Free or Buy them. The Prices Range from $2.50 for Copper Star Level Memberships Up to $200 for Red Diamond Level Memberships. All memberships are Permanent and last for the Life time of the Account. Prices of the membership may change at some time in the future.

More Info on how to Earn Free memberships can be found here:

Or If you Prefer to Buy the membership Directly and jump start your earnings you can do so here:

Keep in Mind If you do want to buy a membership but you don't have the money to Buy a Higher Level membership, you can always Upgrade to a membership you can afford and then when you have more cash, Upgrade to a Higher level for the Difference between the 2 memberships.

Example: You Buy a Silver Star Membership Costing you $20, Then later you Buy a Gold Star Membership. You would not have to pay another $45 for that membership on top of the $20 you already paid. You would pay $45 -$20 = $25 that would be needed for the Upgrade to Gold from Silver.

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