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: Advertisers: How should Approve, Delete and Deny be used, and how do they work?
: DavidM July 19, 2012, 08:58:03 PM
As an advertiser when you get an offer submitted you have 3 options to choose from, Approve, Delete and Deny. So what dose each one do and how should each one be used?


This one is easy, Approve should be used when you are happy or at leased satisfied with the results of the users actions. Picking Accept will Credit the user for completing the offer and there account will be credited the amount that the Signup was worth. You will also Lose 1 signup for each submit that you approve. The More Approved signups you have on the same offer the Higher your star rating and your completed rating will be and as a result the Higher Up the List your signup will move.

F.Y.I. You have 5-7 days to approve, delete or deny an offer after it is submitted. If you do not do so in that time frame we will auto approve them for you regardless if the user has completed the offer correctly or not, so please stay on top of your signup offers.


Option two is Delete. This option will delete the signup submitted and allow the user to resubmit it again if the want to. For example if a User submits the offer and they DO signup but they don't complete an offer as required you can delete the signup and allow them another chance to complete the offer properly as required. In this Example we would recommend that you delete the submitted signup 1-2 times before Denying the user. Now if a user just submits the offer without even Signing up you would have to determine if they just submitted the wrong info or if they are just trying to cheat. Contacting the user via the inbox system is a good way to find this out. Deleting the Signup dose not cause you to lose any Signups and the user dose not earn anything. Delete is Neutral and will not cause you to Lose or gain any star rating or completed.

F.Y.I. Delete is the Middle ground and Deny should be used as a last resort. We STRONGLY recommend you contact the user before using Deny and it would be a good idea to contact them if you delete the offer as well and tell them why. This will improve your chances at getting good signups. You can contact any user via the inbox system on the site.


This Option should be your Last Resort and should not be used unless the above steps have failed. Deny Not only dose not credit the user but it also removes the offer from the list and dose not allow them to resubmit or try it again. Be Warned though, this option has adverse effects not only on the user by Adding to the users Bad signup where if they get to many they may be fined and or lose there account for offer fraud but also harms your listing by Lowering your Star Rating. So its always good to try some of the advice above before using this option like contacting the user and such. At the same time you have to keep in mind you have to pick one of the 3 options above before the 7 days is up to be fair to the users that are doing the offers or we will auto approved the signup.

F.Y.I. Offers are Sorted in this order, Sticky First (offer we manually set to be at the top) Then by the Star Rating, then by the number of times completed and credited. Example, Offer (A) 5 stars, 20 times completed, Offer (B) 5 stars, 21 times completed, offer (B) would be Above offer (A) because they have the same star rating but Offer (B) has more Completed.  Example 2, Offer (A)  5 stars, 20 times completed, Offer (B) 4.9 stars, 121 times, Even though Offer (B) has 121 times completed since its star rating is only 4.9 stars and Offer (A) is a 5 Star than Offer (A) would be above Offer (B) because it has a Higher Star Rating. Denying Signups Lowers your Star Rating and so lowers the Rank of the offer, lowering where its shown in the list of offers.

Please Note: The Notes Section used for when you deny a signup is not for the users use and they do not see what you type in there. We are the only ones that see what you type in there. This section is for an explanation as to why you denied offer. If the notes section is not filled in with a good explanation and the user challenges the the offer being denied they will automatically win there challenge, You will lose one signup and they will be credited for the offer, so be sure you always fill this section out.

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